febuary 17 update

February 17, 2010
so far this clan is going very well
frank is leader
killz is co leader and site editor
mr.c is chat leader
louie is head in recruitment
and el greco is game battles leader
PLEASE CONTACT EL GRECO TO GET ON OUR GAME BATTLES TEAM, WE WILL BE HAVING WARS WEEKLY TO GET OUR CLAN MORE WELL KNOWN. also i would like for members to recruit in any way posssible, and get all the members on the members page. recruiting means advertizing on other clan chats (even though that can get you banned) advertizing on youtube, or any other site which has active people on it. thanks

hell squad is back

February 16, 2010
with mtk|ron leaving the clan after an inside job tried to get rid of him, hell squad has been re-made.
this is a new start to a new day
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August 1, 2009
we will be having a none stop ladder, and a monthly in clan tournament. winner is named member of the month.
check out the tournaments page
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new rules

July 16, 2009
owners in the chat are division leaders
and moderators are co-leaders to the divisions
we have had various new members join every day, and not many of them are actually on the site. your not in the clan unless you actually are on the site, so make sure i add you to it.
im looking to have 100+ members total.
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july 11 news

July 11, 2009
we, the leaders of the divisions, have decided to have a maximum amount of 50 members in the clan then we will stop recruiting and recruit whenever someone leaves the clan. im pushing to have a higher number of members.
when i go away on august 15 [HS] novo will take over, he haas full power then, until im able to resume duty.
im planning on making some more montages or glitch video's so if you wanna be in one ask.
please report all new members that are in the clan to me or they are not in the c...
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clan practices

July 7, 2009
we have decided on a weekly date for clan practices
they will be on every friday and saturday from 6-7:30 eastern time.
please try your best to make the practices
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vacation and new division

July 5, 2009
[HS] frank is going on vacation july 17.
also we have a new division that is for the s-s members, the leader is [HS]NJ.
all s-s members that are switching over will be in the gamma division reguardless. this will increase the size of the clan
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July 4, 2009
hey guys, me, [HS]grant81 is back from vacation and in the past week alot has happened here.
from the looks of it we have new members and possibly a few more coming from the s-s clan. i will add them a.s.a.p.
apparently the s-s clan had a fight, and broke up. im dealing with that now.
theres a new poll on the basecamp page please cast your vote. we are thinking about expanding the clan to brawl. as long as it doesn ruin call of duty 5. and then when call of duty 7 comes out soon then maybe expan...
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new member, kicked member, and information

June 24, 2009
we have added a new member to amp's division, [HS]geisha. please add.
we have kick [HS]wakawaka out of the clan because he is never on, and something happened so now he plays on xbox.
and we also have found out why ddk isnt on anymore. smething happened to his wii and he will get it fixed as soon as possible.
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the UCCW

June 22, 2009
we have created a alliance called the UCCW or united clans of cod wii. please visit http://united-clans-of-cod-wii.webs.com/ as this is the alliance site. thanks to nj for creating the site, and we'l hope to make one big alliance.
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