we, the leaders of the divisions, have decided to have a maximum amount of 50 members in the clan then we will stop recruiting and recruit whenever someone leaves the clan. im pushing to have a higher number of members.
when i go away on august 15 [HS] novo will take over, he haas full power then, until im able to resume duty.
im planning on making some more montages or glitch video's so if you wanna be in one ask.
please report all new members that are in the clan to me or they are not in the clan.
they must be on the members page to be techincally in the clan.
REMEMBER THAT WE HAVE CLAN PRACTICES   TONIGHT AT 6 PM EASTERN TIME. i will not be able to make it as i have to go to a party.
someone please host the private match, and make sure that its organized.... NOVO!.