from recent idea's we are going to start having a all time in clan ladder, and tournaments every month. match ups for the tournament will be determined by the current standings of the ladder. previous matches prior to august 1st do not count towards this ladder. the first clan tournament will be set up by august 7th, and will conclude august 14th. you may challenge anyone on the ladder that is within 5 spots of you either above or below you. rules will be a simple team deathmatch for 10 minutes with NO HARDCORE(maps are decided among players). whoever you win or loose to you switch positions with them.

if someone does not show up for a match it is considered a loss unless the person has been caught in a inconvinient time and cannot play. you will have 2 days to play the person if you are a no show, then the person that showed up is considered the winner.

winner of the monthly tournament will be named member of that month. please report the winners in the box at the bottom of the page


heres the current placings to the ladder. if you would like to move up you have to play the person above you.




[HS] sampalosa

[HS] derailed







[HS] ur pwned






[HS] stealth


[HS] frank

[HS]JuGg3r) nUb














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