being close to completing my 6th prestige iv picked up a few trades and helpful tips to help you be on your way to victory. 

  1. when you have an artillery strike, do not use it unless you have a recon plane, if you think about it, you put it in the wrong place, and it could actually kill your team members, corner you, or make you move slower which will set you up to be sniper targeted or just shotten at.
  2. always place artillery strikes near where the enemy is NOT ON TOP OF THEM, because the enemy will see that the artillery strike is coming and actually walk right into it, in a attempt to try and escape. try to put artillery out in open feilds that dont have cover, as you will get more kills as they hav nothing to hide behind. also try to place them around areas that have corners. that way they are stuck there through the entire artillery strike if they cannot get away before its there.(this does not work all of the time because the enemy will outrun the artillery, or they will escape in the place you didnt put it)
  3. use a gun that fits the battle feild. like on large open feilds use a sniper, and on small cramped feilds use a submachine gun
  4. out of all the times iv had dogs running after me iv learned that dont shoot at them out in the middle of a feild, unless your cornered, it gives your position away and then if your spotted not only do you have dogs after you, your getting shotten at.
  5. when your sniping a enemy do not shoot whenever the enemy is out in the open. you want to wait for the enemy to be alone and not near anyone. becuase if you do shoot at him, he might not be alone from what you cant see, and believe it or not when your gun is shot it makes a big flash and a loud noise, so if your being scoped by a sniper you will be seen and prolly get shotten within the next 3 seconds, and the fact that when you see a body just drop next to you your gonna think that it would be best to be careful.
  6. when in a one on one sniper fight, you want to shoot your gun  when you have a clear shot and then move to a different position so the other sniper has to cover a more wide range and not just one little window.
  7. only stab when you have to, i know its convienient that you can stab if someones close, but be smart before you do. if you run up on someone and stab them there are probably other people in the room, then your just a free kill. so if you kill one and die once, you arent helping your team the score is still the same just 10 points closer to the score limit.
  8. everyone knows about glitches and yes they are very helpful at the right times. the one thing i hate the most is someone who goes out and tries to do a glitch but gets killed multiple times before he actually gets it right. yeaa, if you out of ammo and you need a quick hiding place, use it, but in my thought, glitches are in the game to help someone who needs it.
  9. if your on a close range shoot out with someone, you wanna reload, and try to keep your clip full. because when it comes time that its a 2 on 1 shoot out you'l need it. but in the mean time stay it cover and wait for the enemy to be reloading, then rush him. you usually can tell when the enemy is reloading when you head a "click" and thats usually when i go for it, but with all the firing, dogs barking, and artillery going on, you need to listen very carefully, or just pick the time that you think hes reloading
  10. be smart with your "create-a-class". if you have slow gun, use double tap. if you have fast gun make it more powerful with stopping power, or slight of hand.
  11. sometimes, shooting just because you barely saw someone isnt the best idea. if they survive or if you miss, they now know that your there, and they are aware. the best kind of kill is the kind that is swift and un-noticed.
  12. when you get dogs, wait untill you die to use them to help get the dogs back again, then you can just run up the score
  13. always keep looking at your map, it will always help show if the enemy is opening fire on anything or anyone. thats also a reason why you should watch when you shoot because people can tell where you are on the map.
  14. when in combat always come from a unexpected direction. like alot of the time il throw a smoke gernade in a pathway when i see someone, and come in  at a other direction.
  15. when you are being scoped by a sniper but you dont have a gun that cant shoot far enough, move around unseen, and get a flanking position.
  16. when all the battling is fighting at one place, come around at a different angle, even if you have to go a long distance to get there, it will  pay off because they will never see it coming.
  17. dont you just hate it when you get half the way there to killing someone then you have to reload? well, if this happens pull out your handgun andshoot with that gun. if you run out of ammo with that your screwed
  18. when stabbing to not go for the persons front. always aim for there back. you do this because its easier to have a seccessful kill if you aim for the back, and the person shoots in the front so you will most likely get shotten if you try to stab the front
  19. avoid crouded halways, as you can get hit more easily.
  20. NEVER place a bouncing betty or a satchel charge in a halway. what will happen is your entire team will get caught up in it then one of the players on the other team with throw a gernade, and then theres 4 free kills for him

here are some good create a class ideas for about every gun

bolt action- 2 bouncing betties, stopping power, steady aim.

rifles - flamethrower, slight of hand, steady aim. if you get the scope for the garand give it the same perks as a bolt action(its sick !) and for any of the rifles a rifle gernade is my favorite.

submachine guns - flamethrower, stopping power, steady aim.

shotguns -flamethrower, flak jacket, steady aim

type 99, dp-28, mg42 - flamethrower, stopping power, steady aim

bar-flamethrower, double tap, steady aim

IN MY OPINION, the alltime best create a class is a, fg42 with bandolier, slight of hand, and steady aim. because its powerfull, its quick and its accurate. give it a try.

if i think of any other tips i will write more.

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