i have done some work, and we possibly could have 4 clan wars coming up in july. playing against the t2a(the second amendment) clan, the fcs(first class soliers) clan, the sck(soldiers causing kaos) clan, and the np(so prestige) clan. we gave a offer to the sck clan for an alliance, and they are still considering. so we may have some help along the way. [HS]urpwned, you are the head of clan practices, therefore please when you can start making dated that our clan will have clan practices(be sure you make sure that the timezone is good with novo). i think that we should have clan practices on tuesdays and fridays at 6:30 until 7:30( thats the only time i can be able to attend clan practices during week nights because i have to go to football practice). that would mean that practice would be from 8:30 to 9:30  on wendsdays and saturdays for novo. in july i would like to have a clan war every sunday ( monday for novo).