i added one video of  the hell squad clan, and so did [HS]frank, his is really good and it is located on the "how to join" page, we need more video's because, the more publicity our clan gets the more people will join, and visit this web adress, which in turn will make our clan better known, and maybe one day we will be the best

  1. thank you frank for giving us the encouragement
  2. if you have any comments about the hellsqaud page, talk ti me
  3. if anyones up for some call of duty tonight i might be on later
  4. as iv been saying, spread the word of hell squad, make video's, put it on your myspace, put it on your facebook, put it on youtube, tell your brotheres, your sisters, your fathers, mothers, or anyone that will be able to put forward to this effort. it will py off one day. getting public is only half the job though, the second half is actually playing on the battle feild