first of all we have 3 traders that left the clan just because one of the people that left told them that the np (no prestige) clan was better. we are gonna try to get into a clan war with that clan and show them whats up. if blaze(venom) sharpshooter, or jackdog, come in the chatbox block them if you feel that it is needed(think about it first, try to talk to them).
second of all we have a possible alliance with the sck (soldiers causing kaos) clan. if we have the alliance we will play together and help eachother out like brothers, and i will post all of there friend codes on our members page(the members page is now public)
keep up the good work, and we will be a preety good clan in the long run. thank you [HS]gunsnvamp and [HS]shadow for not listening to blaze and staying in the clan.